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Ann Palik, LMFT - Therapy-Conscious
Ann Palik, LMFT - Therapy-Conscious
Thoughts For Helping Take the Edge Off

Some people experience an inner conflict between “I should be using this time” to read, finish more projects, etc., versus feeling tired, anxious, or unmotivated. Give yourself credit for doing as well as you have, all things considered.

It’s not easy navigating in a crisis. I also hear many people are feeling guilty, if they still have a job, health care, housing, financial resources, etc. Your anxiety and distress are still important, even if you feel others are worse off.

Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. It’s not unusual for family conflict to arise during this time. It’s OK to feel anxious, scared, cranky, angry, sad--make space for the feelings. Allow extra time to get things done.

Practice focusing on the present, instead of the past “good old days” or future “scary uncertain days.” If you go outside, feel your lungs filling with air. Look up into the sky; do you see clouds?

If so, what shapes do they look like? Take a moment to savor the food you consume; what flavors do you taste? What colors are on your plate? Or is your child or pet doing something cute, something they’ve never done before? Or
something they do all the time, which is also cute?

I recommend meditation, prayer, yoga therapy, and/or a spiritual practice. You may want a check-in with a therapist or other supportive person.

What blessings have you experienced recently? Have you been enjoying the comparative quiet of staying home? Do you feel closer to friends or loved ones? Are your pets living their best lives, enjoying having you around more? Do you feel more gratitude for what you do have?